Data Gathering Methods For Business Leads – They Don’t Work Without The Basics!

While lead generation is all about getting quality information for the benefit of your sales team, it’s also a process that requires plenty of information. Not only is this about information that’s slowly gathered during the qualification process, it also includes information which you need to start in the first place!

You can read as many articles, books, or blogs on the advantages of various marketing communication methods (from online social media to classical telemarketing) but none of them will serve you at all if you don’t know who to contact and how.

It’s for this reason that lead generation companies don’t just rely on one medium of communication but several. Decision makers have differing preferences on how they want to be contacted and are likely to leave contact details of one type and not the other.

There’s also the the task of identifying the right decision maker (or even several of them) because organizations isn’t completely run by the one at the top. These decision makers must be relevant to whatever it is you’re offering. For instance, if you’re supplying SCM software, then you need to target the ones who are in charge of manufacturing and delivery.

There are many ways to get this information. You can spend some time searching directories. You can buy a quality list online. You can even outsource telemarketers to look up their own information and some of the calling for you. Whatever you decide, it’s important that you already start gathering information from the start even if it is something so basic as contact details. They may not be informative enough for qualified leads but you need them to start the whole process!

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