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Software leads may identify individual prospects but these prospects are part of a community. Get to know the rest of it before qualifying!

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Generating Payroll Software Leads – It’s Like Normandy

The whole world will never forget the great endeavor that was undertaken on the 6th of June, 1944. It was on that day that the Normandy landings were done. This was the move that allowed the Allied powers to take back fortress Europe. And it worked. As insane as it looked, with all the machinegun fire raining from the beachheads, mortar and whatnot, it worked. Now I bet you’re wondering how I’m going to relate that to generating payroll software leads, huh?

Generating the leads you need is like D-Day, minus all the guns and limbs being blown off from mines (yuck). It’s kind of like a battlefield of its own, seeing as that you have to beat your competitors. Now that we’ve said that much, let’s go into why we think that getting payroll software leads is like the Normany landings. First off…

You need to make your landing – During D-Day, troops were transported to their designated beachheads by smaller carrier crafts. Once they landed, they would then aim to seize control of the area from the opposition. If they were successful, this would open up a route for an even larger offensive into enemy-occupied territory. Once all the beaches were secured, it allowed Allied troops to move further inland as they slowly retook Europe.

Lead generation is like that in that you need to make a landing – make initial contact with your prospects before you can mount an offensive of any kind. You cannot move forward, or get anywhere for that fact of the matter, if you do not first engage your targets.

You need to move up the beach while evading incoming fire – Okay, let’s get one thing straight: no one is shooting anyone here (nerf gun wars are fine though). In a way though, that’s what it feels like as you move from having made initial contact towards your target decision maker. You’ll be receiving “enemy fire” from gate keepers as they try their best to keep you from moving up from where you landed on that metaphorical beach.

You need to move up slowly but surely if you are to get anywhere and open up a path for an even greater offensive. If you have skilled marketers, then this should be of no problem. They’ll be able to easily get past the keepers and move on to soon making contact with your target decision maker.

You need to breach the bunkers and take control – Imagine the bunkers of Normandy to be the final aim in your planned assault. You’ve worked your way up from the beaches, successfully evaded all the incoming flak, and now you’re one step away from achieving your goal – to breach the bun—I mean, generate leads. This is the part that you’ve been waiting for. You’ve now reached a key decision maker within your target company.

What matters here is that your marketers can “breach the bunker” – that they can gain the interest of the contact person and open up the possibility of future talks about how your companies can work together, or how your payroll software will benefit them.

At first we weren’t sure if we could come up with some way to liken how you generate payroll software leads with D-Day and the Normandy landings, but I guess we did (slow clap for us). It’s obviously not going to be war, but you need to take these steps in your lead generation campaign.

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