How to Be Like A Sniper in Lead Generation

lead generation, sales lead generation, business to business leadsIn terms of weaponry, the sniper rifle is a weapon that is made to be a game changer in modern warfare. Rather than having to send troops to deal with an enemy infantry faction, a single and capable sniper can more than be enough to handle a group of soldiers. Of course, a sniper can’t do much without his weapon of choice: the sniper rifle. Snipers are silent and deadly and go in for the kill, thus is why they are feared and heralded when it comes to skill. In lead generation though, you yourself can be like a sniper when generating leads.

The sniper rifle was made so that the person wielding it would be farther from danger. Being able to tackle enemies at range proves to be of an immense advantage in warfare. As such, people have learned to create other forms of weaponry which allow us to engage with enemies from even longer distances, even from continent to continent. In a way, your lead generation strategy can be the same.

So want to know how you can be like a sniper in performing B2B lead generation? Well here’s how!


Learn to be observant.

Snipers are not people who just point and shoot. Snipers work their way through their assignments by observing their assigned targets and then making their move when the time is seemingly right. What you can learn from a sniper is that in doing lead generation, you need to be observant. You should observe not just your prospects but every aspect of your campaign as well, just like how a sniper would observe the surrounding area for the best vantage point and hiding spot.

Keep an eye on how your lead gen campaign goes, such as constantly seeing to it that nothing is out of place. Also, it helps to observe your prospects before you make contact with them. Snipers observe their targets for intelligence purposes with which they plot their attack. You should be the same and gather valuable intel about your prospects through observation.


Patience is the key.

If it’s one thing that snipers is that they are patient. Snipers are known to stay on location for days on end just waiting for their designated target. In running your sales lead generation campaign, you should be patient as well. Rather than just jumping into the fray unprepared, take your time and wait for the right moment when you should act.

Along with learning how to be observant, you should be patient based on what you observe in your prospects behavior. Before you start generating sales leads, you have to know whether all the parameters fall into place before your company steps in to engage with the prospect and try to generate a leads. Don’t be too hasty or you risk losing your prospect because you acted too soon.


Always aim to use only one bullet.

A good sniper need not exhaust an entire clip just to take out his target. He needs only one bullet from his whole magazine; each single target calls for a single bullet. In your attempts to generate business to business leads, you should also only have to market yourself to your prospects once and generate a lead.

Why do snipers try to limit themselves to a single bullet? Well that’s because they want to be as efficient as possible. Also, the more shots they fire the more they risk giving away their position to the enemy. When you start engaging with your prospects, you should try to close the deal in one go and generate a good lead. Although business decisions take a long time to pull through, you can still very well generate a lead with just a single email or phone call to your target prospect. In a way, you are using a “single bullet” to achieve your leads.

So do you think you have what it takes to be a sniper when it comes to performing lead generation?


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