Do Your Sales Leads Come With Strings Attached?

Sales Leads, B2B Sales Leads, TelemarketingJust how far are you willing to go to get sales leads? Are you and your salespeople so eager that you are willing to jump at every opportunity? Granted, this sounds like the cliché thought experiment meant to teach a typical lesson on marketing ethics.

That does not mean such a lesson must be ignored.

Shady Lead Generation Has Its Consequences

As the saying goes, some things can just be too good to be true. Examples of this do not just occur in marketing either. They can apply to any situation where a business appears to have received the chance of a lifetime. Little did they know, pursuing that chance may have cut that lifetime short.

Be careful when your software leads may lead you to the same fate. To demonstrate, here are a couple of scenarios:

  • The reclusive prospect: From out of the blue, a prospect has appeared offering you a tidy sum for what sounds like the easiest implementation job you could ask for. They did not tell you what their problems were but only requested a certain set of applications. No questions asked. Never mind the fact that it is only standard procedure to determine a prospect’s actual need. The next day however, you read it on the news about a new hacker attack and guess what? The name of your software pops up as the primary component of the infiltration.

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  • The mysterious list provider: You learn of a group that can provide you with all the contact information you need to get your campaign started. After paying for their tempting offer, you start your campaign only to realize that the information contained plenty of numbers that you would not normally find on a legal contact list. You try to get in touch but all of a sudden, your provider has disappeared and you have no means of getting your money back.

If you want a real life example, consider the story of Fisker Automative. Just recently, just posted an article after it has been recently hit by the political spotlight. The author, Jeremy Quitner, adds that such is the risk many businesses take when receiving anything with baggage attached:

The truth is considerably more complicated and offers a cautionary tale for small-business owners: Government funding can be incredibly useful, particularly for high-tech or clean-technology innovators, who have more opportunities to get federal support–but it comes with plenty of baggage attached.”

Furthermore, it may not even matter if the connections are proven true or false (as Henry Fisker’s experience can attest):

But even if Romney’s attacks were invalid, they created a PR nightmare for Fisker–and the company knew it had to respond immediately.”

So again, ask yourself. Just how far are you willing to go in your pursuit of B2B sales leads? Is it far enough that you are willing to critically evaluate every new prospect or far enough that you do not care so long as you have an ‘opportunity? The answer is obvious: you want the leads that do not get you in trouble.

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Yes, there are times when you feel so desperate that you are willing to take dangerous risks. However, even in marketing and business lead generation, there are some risks that are simply not worth taking.


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