Professional Telemarketers – What Good Grammar And Attention To Detail Have In Common

ERP LeadsTelemarketing obviously requires verbal communication. And if you can’t even get basic communication skills right, then you can forget about using it effectively. This is why good grammar is a well-defining mark of professional telemarketers.

Now there are obviously many reasons why grammar is important in telemarketing. It enables clearer understanding. And with clearer understanding, there comes clearer information. Miscommunication and misinformation are both intertwined. Good grammar is so basic yet it serves as the remedy for both! Therefore, it’s only natural that professional telemarketers should fulfill such a basic requirement.

On the other hand, is good grammar limited to only the basics? Does it play a more significant role other than sounding all nice and clear? Actually, Kyle Wiens of the HBR Blog Network, implies that it does:

And just like good writing and good grammar, when it comes to programming, the devil’s in the details. In fact, when it comes to my whole business, details are everything.

I hire people who care about those details. Applicants who don’t think writing is important are likely to think lots of other (important) things also aren’t important. And I guarantee that even if other companies aren’t issuing grammar tests, they pay attention to sloppy mistakes on résumés. After all, sloppy is as sloppy does.”

In the case of telemarketers, the relationship between details and good grammar is even more evident. As prior stated, grammar is the key to clear communication. Clear communication in turn results in clearer information. However, clear information also requires attention to detail.

B2B telemarketers use their skills for lead generation and information is vital to that process. It’s a necessary element in lead nurturing and qualification so every detail counts! These would include a heavy amount of details like:

  • The budget of the prospects
  • Details about their needs
  • A time and place to meet if the telemarketer is setting an appointment.

It only gets more demanding when your B2B product is highly sophisticated and complex. ERP software is a good example and its coverage of several management departments should only give you more reasons why attention to detail is critical. If your telemarketer doesn’t pay enough attention to the details of their grammar, how much worse when it comes to the details of enterprise software needs?

It already takes a while to discuss those needs over the phone so it’s very important that communication is clear. They need to pay attention to the conversation for the information that they need. Whether your telemarketers are outsourced or in-house, that requires a good grasp of grammar. Compromising the quality of communication will only compromise the quality of the ERP leads.

Some might argue that telemarketers will need more than good grammar to compete with marketers who use other approaches. But guess what? The need for good grammar hardly varies in between forms of communication. The same goes for the information and details being transmitted! So even if you have telemarketers with additional skills like email marketing, good grammar still applies! If they can’t pay attention to the grammar details of their message, how can you expect them to pay attention to the details found in business software problems? Both good grammar and attention to detail can have a lot in common!

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