Outsource Professional Telemarketers With Additional Lead Generation Skills!

Outsourced lead generation servicesThe birth of the internet has opened a new doorway for B2B companies like HR software by calling them to take their services and products into the cloud. With trends favoring online and mobile technologies, this has widened the market to include companies from across the world.

But with such a larger market, there comes an increasing variety in terms of communication preferences. Despite the advances and trends, not all decision makers are eager to jump on the bandwagon as far as communication is concerned. Some business professionals might prefer connection over social media and webinars but there are others still who would prefer email or even a live phone call. This doesn’t mean that you should automatically reject what’s new and innovative.

What this does mean is that a single medium of communication is no longer sufficient for lead generation. Remember, a wider market means a wider variety of people. A wider variety of people means you have a wider variety of communication preferences to deal with. This isn’t even just about finding out if a target decision maker would want to discuss things over email or phone. These variations cover even those whose preferences are heavily mixed such as:

  • Just when you think your conversation is going well over the phone, you now touch on the subject of solutions and your prospect suddenly wishes to express their entire situation in an email.
  • You can also have a prospect who responds to your email but immediately spells it out that they want to talk things out over the phone (and went as far as to give you their number).

Finally, there is the inevitable problem of having the technological resources and personnel to manage it all.

Fortunately for you, you’re not alone in noticing this problem. And whenever there’s a problem, the business world either gives birth to an entirely new industry or transforms a current one in order to solve that problem. In this case, there are more outsourced telemarketing groups who are integrating other methods in order to enhance their capacity to connect.

A good example would be those integrating email. When their contact databases once focused only numbers, email addresses are now looked up and compiled just as much. And with their analysts, they carefully refine that data only to suit your business’ specifications. After that, there are several ways that those emails are utilized in their attempts to connect with your prospects:

  • The emails could be sent first and those who respond are given the choice to either continue with the conversation through the same medium or be directed straight to a calling agent.
  • An agent could start with a call and if the decision maker on the other end is too busy, they’ll simply send an email in manner that is similar to leaving a business card.
  • An email could also be sent that would announce a call. That way, gatekeepers who are keeping an eye on all communications channels are less likely to hold them up.

The standards for telemarketing are no longer just limited to the phone. In fact, the industry itself is proof of the business world’s capacity to change a part of itself in order to meet a rising demand. If your software company wishes to deal with the resulting variety of communication preferences, outsource a lead generation company that has taken such revolutionary steps.

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